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What Is the Future of IT?

The IT sector is growing by the day. The field has grown exponentially to a point that we cannot do without as it is engrained in almost all aspects of our life. Advancements in technology have sent shockwaves in almost every part of the continent and it is something we should be prepared to feel in the coming years.

Many industries now have embraced IT technologies in their business models as a way of keeping up with our modern world. Banking, health, agriculture, and manufacturing industries are some of the realms that have been heavily affected by the IT technological advancements. For instance, the banking industry has had to cut down on their employees’ numbers as they continue to automate their services. Many people nowadays do not need to visit the banks physically, but they can transact with just a click of a button. These changes only serve to show that the IT sector has a future and will continue to bring about the much-needed change.

The future of IT looks bright with each passing year. People are continuing to embrace and appreciate what IT is has done and will continue to do in the coming future. IT sector is also continuing to offer more opportunities for the population and many people are taking advantage to these very opportunities to better their lives. For instance, things like online writing and online marketing are some of the good fruits that the IT sector has so far produced. People are making lots of money from these online opportunities. This has been made possible through faster and cheap access to the internet. Despite the good things that IT has offered, there are also the challenges that have come with it and it should be expected that as the industry continues to grow more challenges are bound to be experienced. Issues such as cyber-crimes have been on the rise each year as people now transact and conduct their businesses online.

IT security

Yes, IT has offered and will continue to offer us good things but as it does this we should also be alive to the fact that it also has its own fair share of challenges. The IT sector is facing emerging threats that include cybercrimes, ransomware, cyber bullying, phishing, hacking, data manipulation and theft, and identity theft among others.

These threats have increased by the day and they now pose a very big challenge in the IT world. The threats have been rampant due to the fact that now most of our activities are now done online and this has seen personal data and other types of data move around the online sphere. It is this very data that has become a crucial weapon that the bad guys use to damage or steal from people.

The threats are now proving to be a major risk to our private lives and even our business. This calls for a proactive IT security measure to firmly stem these threats. Nowadays, the companies are investing heavily in the IT security tools and procedures to keep themselves safe and to protect their data, which is the most valuable asset to any organization.

As the threat sphere continues to evolve, the IT sector may see security stop being an isolated area and became an essential role in each and every person’s job.

Massive investments

IT is continuing to spread its roots across each sector of the economy. The companies all around the globe whether small or big, private or public have and will continue to invest heavily in IT relates issues. The companies are incorporating technologies into their business strategies so that they can stay up to speed with the changing world. The organizations that have stuck to the traditional ways of doing things have been battered heavily something that has affected their profitability. Those companies that have migrated to the digital forum have made tremendous strides in making themselves profitable and relevant.

For example, the football sport has had to embrace things like goal-line technology and video assistant refereeing so as to solve some of the controversial refereeing decision making challenges that were there before. To be able to do this, respective football authorities, including FIFA, have had to massively invest in these technologies to improve the football status and experience. This only serves to show that organizations will have to restructure their budgets so as to accommodate technologies and their implementations.

Businesses too are embracing investing in technologies to improve their sales. For instance, the marketing departments have had to invest in IT that have the power to help a business reach out to many current and potential customers. This trend of investment is set to continue as the business move towards the digital side. The businesses need to invest heavily in IT if they want to remain buoyant in the current economic and technological climate.

The demand for IT experts

As of now, the IT sector has become very competitive and this has made it a very lucrative sector of the economy. To fit in, one will have to be the very best above the rest. This means that you need to be well updated in terms of your technical IT skills and the soft skills too.

With the growing opportunities and threats in the IT field, it means that the sector will continue to create more job opportunities for people, thus raising the demand. Experts will be needed to deal with these threats and opportunities such as cybercrime, data theft, ransomware, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing among others.

The 12% growth is expected by 2024 in all IT sectors according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is much better compared other sectors. Cybersecurity and web development are enjoying a higher growth rate at 18 and 27 percent respectively. Other IT sectors that are set to be relevant include system admins, network admins, UI/UX designers, app developers, data scientists and good hackers among others.

It is now evident more than ever that what is happening now in the IT field will definitely impact what happens in the future.


Data has become a very crucial tool in organizations as they use it to make decisions and plan accordingly. Due to its importance to organizations, it has become a very good target for criminals who seek to damage organizations’ reputation and processes.

For this reason, companies across the world have made it a key priority to protect their data against any form of breach. Many companies across the world have at some point been badly hit by data breaches that have ruined companies reputations and image. For example, Sony entertainment is such one casualty. The company was badly affected by the data breach incident that saw huge amounts of employee data stolen and spread all over the Internet.

Recently, Facebook has been faced with numerous allegations of laxity in protecting its users’ data and information, which at some point have been used for all the wrong reasons. These two incidents among others serve to show how important data is and the threats that have emerged recently.

Ransomware is one such threat that has been on the rise in recent years. It has seen cybercriminals hack into companies or individual computer systems, steal data, encrypt it and then ask for a ransom from the data owners so as to get their data back.

Social media

The IT sector has made the world to become one global community. People are now able to connect with others all around the globe with just a click of a button. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp among other social media platforms have made communication very easy, fast and convenient.

It is anticipated that as the IT sector continues to grow, it will see more of these social media platforms coming up that will take things to the next level. This shows that IT is the in-thing and no industry can beat it anytime soon.

Final Thoughts

The future of the IT sector as we can see will continue to be brighter. The opportunities that it offers are immense and it’s just us to make sure that we tap into these opportunities to make ourselves better. The challenges will continue to be there and emerge, but we should try to ensure that we limit these challenges so that they do not disrupt the industry. We are now one big community that has been brought together through IT. We continue to face challenges and it is evident that IT has a potential for solving these problems at least so we need to continually improve each day to perfect out the IT world. Governments and international facilities need to come out even stronger to support the IT advancements so that we can realize the development goals. IT has a very crucial role to play in all these. So, we need to come together and make it work. IT technological advancements should be improved. The developing countries need to be supported so that they can be able to improve their IT capabilities to bring about the much-needed development.

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