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Tech Jobs that Are in High Demand

Many companies across the world are in the process of digitizing their business models to conform to the current technological advancements that are taking place at the moment. The IT jobs are becoming more and more as companies are seeking to hire IT specialists to help them innovate new ways of serving their clients. Jobs in the IT field are getting more and which focus on the issue to do with security or data management. Many IT specialists are in the process of getting or acquiring new IT skills just to keep them ahead of the pack. This means that companies will also have to pay more to acquire and retain the best IT minds in the field. According to the report by Modis, the number of tech job opportunities is expected to rise by 12% by the year 2024. These will lead to more and more jobs becoming available to any person who desires to enter into the IT sector.

With the current technological advancements happening in almost all sectors of the economy it will be advantageous for an employee to at least have the basic IT skills. This is because most jobs now will require one to interact with the computer thus making it essential to at least have computer literacy skills. Several colleges have a number of computer-related units for students to get these basic skills as they study. Companies also are investing in equipping their employees with basic computer skills. This serves to show that having these basic computer skills will boost both the company’s productivity and that of the employees too.

Many people are getting interested in pursuing tech jobs since they are currently the jobs with the biggest demands in the economy. Furthermore, most of these tech jobs do not require one to be employed fulltime instead it offers that flexibility of being a freelancer and working for several different clients at a go. This boosts income for these specialists as one can be living off three or four paychecks.

The IT sector is continuing to expand as innovations are being realized in various sectors of the economy including agriculture. The world is becoming ever more connected and the IT aspect is continuing to engrain itself in almost every aspect of our lives. The existence of social media platforms, for instance, has served to bring people together from across the world with just a click of the button. This is just one proof that IT sector is here to stay and for a long time.

These IT innovations pose both threats and opportunities and it is from these two that IT jobs are a higher demand. For example, the threat of Ransomware calls for online security IT experts to come up with a countermeasure to deter this IT problem. These are some of the issues that make it possible for the IT sector to remain relevant for a very long time.

8 In-Demand Jobs of 2018

Below are some of the best sought after IT jobs that you will want to get your hands on this year in order of importance:

Data Security Administrator

Companies are dealing with sensitive information, including confidential client information and this information needs to be secured at all cost. Data security administrators are responsible for a number of issues, including developing network security requirements, ensuring that all security features are intact and up to date, developing and implementing company’s network security strategies and monitoring company’s security practices. A good data security admin should poses skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, innovativeness, and a proactive thinking. If you want to pursue this IT career, then you need a basic degree I computer science with strong programming and, mathematical abilities.

Data Scientist

Companies and individuals are churning out huge amounts of data on a daily basis. These data is useless unless it is analyzed and converted into information so that it can make sense to the relevant people. It is for this reason that we require data scientists. Their work involves gathering, processing, and analyzing data before it is presented for use. For one to be able to undertake this job then the following skills are imperative; Strong analytical skills, excellent mathematical skills, and good programming skills. At the moment, data scientists are highly sought after by companies, which want make a good sense of the data they are handling.

Database Developer

Database developers are highly sought after in the current IT sector as they can handle and manipulate organizations’ databases. Their task mainly is to develop and manage databases for organizations. This job requires one to poses strong analytical and problem-solving skills. A good database developer should also have solid experience with various database programs, including Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, among others. One should also undertake certificates such as the Oracle Database Administrator Certified Personnel credential to be considered a competent database developer.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Companies across the globe are handling lots of data each data to guide their business operations. These data cannot make sense to a layman stakeholder of the company and so the data needs to be simplified so that it can be really understood. A business intelligence analyst is responsible for ensuring that business data is processed and then communicated to the relevant stakeholders. A good BI analyst should have a strong background in analytics, reporting tools, communication skills, and database technology.

Application Developer

With businesses becoming more and more innovative, we are seeing a change in how they conduct their businesses. For instance, most banks have developed online banking applications that allow users to access their bank accounts from their smartphones. This app development is seen as a way of simplifying how companies do their businesses. This makes the application development job to be highly sought after. An application developer is tasked with the primary role of translating software requirements into workable programming codes so as to develop and maintain programs for use by companies. To pursue this, you need to have a basic degree in computer science, information systems, software engineering, and mathematics. A good application developer should also possess skills such as strong creativity, analytical skills, good programming skills, and a problem-solving and logical way of doing things.

Network Administrator

Within organizations, there are networks that need to be established to ensure that they are able to handle their data in a safe and secure way. This is where the network administrators come in to establish and oversee these networks. The sole responsibility of a network administrator is to establish and handle LAN/WAN protocols in addition to overseeing the company’s software and hardware. They normally are on standby to troubleshoot any issue that might arise in the event of an emergency. A good network administrator should have strong troubleshooting, communication, diagnostic, and analytical skills. In addition, he or she should at least posses several IT certifications.

System Administrator

The work of a system administrator will vary depending on the organizational needs. However, generally, a system administrator is tasked with the primary role of establishing, installing and maintaining company servers and other computer systems. He or she will also be tasked with planning and managing any emergency that might arise. As with any IT job a System Admin will be required to possess several skills, including analytical, communication and problem-solving skills. Since this job will vary with the organization, one will need to fully understand the companies’ hardware and software systems. A good SysAdmin should have a solid work experience in dealing with server related issues and troubleshooting techniques for both hardware and software. To pursue this job, then you will need a basic degree in computer science and several certifications such as Sun Certified System Administrator (SCSA).

UI/UX Designer

Companies produce products and services and they need to be presented to the clients and the clients need to connect with them so as to purchase them. UX designers are responsible for the overall feel of the product. UI designers, on the other hand, are responsible for how the product is laid it. These two roles are becoming ever crucial in the IT industry become companies are making their products and services to be customer friendly. In case you want to pursue this line then you will need to have strong problem-solving skills, strong creativity and the ability to meet deadlines.


The IT field is a very interesting one for anyone who has a passion for it. Many opportunities are cropping up within this exciting field, but it is also getting ever more competitive. It requires one to have solid technical abilities to handle the various jobs but to set you ahead of the pack then you need to also improve your soft skills abilities. Many employers are now using these soft skills to differentiate between potential employees and so you need to get it right. Life is changing and you need to change and adapt appropriately to it so that you are not left behind with outdated information or skills. The IT certifications are very important in giving you a head start. Therefore, ensure you possess a couple of them under you. These certificates ensure that you will also be able to negotiate a good amount of salary for yourself.

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