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Top 9 Certifications That Will Rule the Market

The current market is looking for qualified candidates that come with advanced skills and resources. Along with this, the candidates can also demand an appropriate amount for the certification they carry. Even the companies are ready to pay some extra amount to the employees that come with advanced certificates and skills.

Every year, each field comes up with an advanced course which enhances the career of the individuals who seek it. Regardless of whether you work in IT, marketing, or any other professional realm, you should have an updated credential that increases professionalism in your career level.

Certified Kubernetes Administrator

This has been a quite trending certificate in the world of Cloud computing. Popular by the name CKA, Kubernetes was an initiated course by Google. This is an open-source framework that comes with automatic management of various containers large in size. It has become an accurate solution for the automatic management and deployment courses that come with containerized applications providing with availability, scalability, fault tolerance, etc.

The certification comes with components like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS that is linked to the credentials of Cloud Native Computing Foundation that is hosted by Kubernetes. Docker is an important technology that adds support in the form of integrated Kubernetes and AWS by Amazon that relates to key AWS services.

Project Management Professional

When it comes to the certifications of project management, the Project Management Professional certificate is recognized to be an average paying credential. It is highly in demand and comes with amazing valuation. For getting this certification, a bachelor’s degree is required after completing 4500 hours of experience. You can also apply it after getting an experience of 7500 hours for project management and the PMP training for a particular period.

The exam covers complete projection cycle that initiates execution, planning, controlling, and monitoring for closing. The main aim of this course is to provide your expertise in both technical and managerial skills. The PMP exam comes up with 200 questions that include multiple choice questions that need to be completed in around 4 hours only. The certification gives you a minimum salary of around $84,094.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Also known as CISSP, this certification is much approached for meeting the security issues at an advanced level and helping it in growing for years. The requirement of the course includes 5 cumulative years that come with paid and full-time experience in the field of Security. The certification also demands a bachelor’s degree that is approved by ISC2 or CISSP prerequisite Pathway credentials.

The CISSP certificate covers important elements that include risk management and security, software development security, communications and network security, asset security, identity and access management, security architecture and engineering, security operations, and security assessment, and testing. This credential provides a number of job opportunities with the latest research. The course provides you with detailed explanation and understanding of the design and maintaining of security infrastructure with the help of continued knowledge of new regulations, technologies, practices, and threats. The CISSP certification comes with an average annual pay scale of $87,770.

Certified Information Security Manager

Are you experienced in the field of IS? Here is a certification course that would enhance your level. Famous by the name CISM, this is the IT credential that requires around 5 years of experience. Along with an experience of IS, the certificate also requires experience in managerial oversight of at least 3 years based on the security system, policy assessment, and strategy. It provides one with an enhancement to international security practices alongside the recognition to the individual who manages, oversees, assesses, and designs the information of the enterprise security.

The CISM certification is obtained after passing the test that consists of 150 multiple-choice questions that are to be completed in 4 hours. The certification exam basically focuses on areas like Information Security Governance, Information Security Program Development and Management, Information Risk Management, Information Security Incident Management, etc. The current job pays scale of this credential ranges from $92,827 to $108,043.

Certified Ethical Hacker

Do you like to reveal the secrets hidden in the computers? The Certified Ethical Hacker certification, also known as CEH, is a well-designed course for you in such situations. The course has helped several companies and growing industries to save or protect their personal data. Before appearing for the test, the candidates need to complete the EC-Council course for a preparation. They can also verify the experience of 2 years in the field of security. The objectives of the test provided with the ability of the candidates to carry on the technique of masking of the hackers, for getting into the corporate world of network defenses.

The candidates applying for the CEH certification are tested on seven grounds that include analysis and assessment, general background knowledge, security, a program used, systems, tools, methodology and procedures, ethics, and regulation and policy. The exam consists of 125 multiple-choice questions for which the students are given 4 hours. The certification comes with a basic salary that ranges from $87,315 to $106,375 on annual basis.

Citrix Certified Professional – Virtualization

Popular among the companies by the name of the CCP-V certification, this is a complete part of Citrix Certified Associate – Virtualization course. On clearing the CCP-V certification exam, the candidates get qualified in skills like optimizing, scaling, advanced configurations, troubleshooting in virtual desktops, etc. This virtualization certificate comes with a detailed focus on deployment, management, and designing of advanced solutions. The course is divided into three different sets that include expert, associate and professional levels.

The certification covers advanced topics that include Workspace Environment Management, Intermediate FlexCast Management Architecture, App Layering, Virtual Desktop Agent, User Environment, HDX and Multimedia, Store-Front Optimization and Routing, Supporting and Troubleshooting User connection issues, streaming the vDisk, Provisioning Services Infrastructure, Target Devices, and much more. The 90-minute test provides the certification that is valid for 3 years and gives you a salary ranging from $83,166 to $115,000 on annual basis.

Certified Information Systems Auditor

This certification has been ruling the field for around 30 years. Giving tough competition to other certificates, CISA is a course that comes with responsibilities that include controlling, auditing, assessing, and monitoring IT and other business systems. The main aim of this credential is to develop skills that help in the acknowledgment of handling vulnerabilities, policies, controls, and other company standards. Also, the students applying for the certification requires a minimum 5 years of experience in control, security, or auditing.

The exam provides a thorough focus on areas like governance and management of IT, process of auditing information systems, information systems acquisition, information systems operations, development and implementation, protection of information assets, and maintenance and service management. The CISA credential provides the holder with a salary that ranges from $87,906 to $99,684 on annual basis.

Cisco Certified Networking Professional Routing and Switching

Have you heard about the Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching credential? Yes, CCNP is a long run certification course that is provided by Cisco. Before working hard for this professional certificate, the students need to obtain the Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching certification or any other certs related to the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. The individuals applying for this course should have an experience of a year on networking and the ability to handle network solutions that are complex and don’t have any kind of support.

It is compulsory for the candidates to clear all the three levels of the course that includes troubleshooting, switching, and routing. The CCNP R&S certification covers the majority of the topics, which is capable to test configuration, verification and planning skills of implementing the complex enterprises switching solutions that are used by the Cisco Enterprise Campus Architecture. Troubleshooting in this certification course comes with working on aspects like performing and planning on regular maintenance related to complex enterprise switched and routed networks by using the practices based on technology and a compliant approach that comes with ITIL.

Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control

Popular by the name CRISC, the certification is considered to be the second credential that is paying highest salary to the professional having it. It is in high demand and less adoption as it is a difficult course. The CRISC certificate is obtained by the experts who come with a professional background in IT management and other business risks that are controlled through the IS and also have good experience in the same. This course is widely accepted by the candidates come with 3 years of experience in the area of IT risk management carried out through implementation and designing with the help of IS control.

The certification is obtained by answering 150 questions in 4 hours that are based on the experience of the above areas. The CRISC credential comes with a basic salary of around $99,400 to $150,000 on annual basis.

Hence, these are some of the ruling certifications that will help you obtain the highest career point with a boost in a professional way.

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