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PHR Certification Exam: How To Pass?

Human resource management is a very important department in an organization. It is because HR professionals handle some of the company’s most confidential and crucial information related to employment, compensation, promotion, benefits and the like. And it is but fitting for HR individuals to be up to date with everything concerning the field of human resource management.

And one of the best ways to remain current and demonstrate your commitment to your profession is to get a notable HR certification. The highly significant certification for HR pros is Professional of Human Resource (PHR) Certification provided by HR Certification Institute (HRCI). But before you get such prestigious validation, you need to take and pass PHR Certification Exam. Tagged as the standard in the human resource industry, no wonder why most HR professionals aim to pass this exam. So, if you have decided to make a bold move and get on with your PHR Certification journey, then here’s a step-by-step guide on how to pass the exam.

How To Pass?

Just like any other exam, preparation is a must. You should not underestimate the importance of exam preparation schedule. Make sure to create a timetable that will cover all the objectives and will still give you enough time to test what you learn, fill in some knowledge gaps, and take a rest. As much as possible, avoid cramming because this will not do you any good. Prepare in advance because PHR Certification involves more than just reading books or watching online training. PHR ensures that you have extensive knowledge for the exam and for the real world.

Aside from exam preparation, knowing the objectives and its corresponding percentages is also very important. Accordingly, you should take into account the changes that will happen this year. From August 1, 2018, there will only be five sections: Business Management (20%), Talent Planning & Acquisition (16%), Learning & Development (10%), Total Rewards (15%) and Employee & Labor Relations (39%). These changes demonstrate that PHR Exam Content Outline is now more concise and clear. Now, you can study easily and conveniently with the systematic summary of the objectives. Here are some of the ways to pass the well-respected HR exam.

HR Experience

Apparently, your HR experience is the most credible source of knowledge, which will be useful when you take PHR Certification Exam. You can always lean on your HR experience to help you before and during the exam, especially that the test mostly revolves around real-world scenarios. That is why experience in human resource management is very beneficial. The real world polishes your decision-making skills, which will be evident in some of the practical-based PHR test questions. Being in a situation where you need to weigh options and choose the correct one based on principles helps you significantly during the exam.


There’s a wide array of study materials that can help you with your exam preparation. So, you need to choose the right resources or else you’ll be wasting time and effort. And if you’re looking for a great starter, books are one of the most recommended options. Using a variety of study resources will expand your knowledge about the HR principles. HRCI itself advises each candidate to use different study materials so that you can also analyze different HR principles and practices. And some of the most recommended books that explain everything concisely and effectively are the following: A Guide to the Human Resource Body of Knowledge from HRCI and PHR Study Guide 2018: PHR Certification Preparation and Practice Test Questions for the Professional in Human Resources Exam.

Online Courses and Training

Online courses and training are some of the most convenient and effective study references that refine your knowledge and cover all objectives. Most of these study courses provide a valuable set of lessons as well as end-chapter tests to evaluate your understanding. These are quite similar to books but are readily available wherever you go as long as you have your electronic device. Virtual training, compared to classroom-instruction learning, is relatively suitable for busy individuals as you can set your study plan at your own pace.

PHR Practice Test

Reading books without practical application is simply not useful, which means you should also need to utilize free PHR practice test to check and fill in gaps to your comprehension. Practice tests are really advantageous because you can put your knowledge into action, which will not just be useful in the exam but also when you work. These PHR Certification practice tests allow you to discover the areas that need further study so that you’d be completely ready come exam day. And the great thing about HRCI practice exams is that you will receive insights about the mock test, from your strengths to your weaknesses.

PHR Sample Questions

PHR sample questions are another favorable study materials. These sample questions are often provided by brain dump websites for a price. Brain dumps may not be that attractive to some, but these are definitely helpful to give you significant ideas of the possible test questions and answers. Having a slight hint of what the exam will tackle boosts a bit of your confidence. But just make sure not to fully depend only on one source of preparation, because that’s certainly unacceptable. The best way is to learn from the heart and not directly from the mind. It’s all about how well you apply what you learn from all the reading and memorizing.

Are You Ready To Pass?

Remember, PHR exams are updated regularly so as to reflect the modification in HR practice, laws and regulations. Consequently, each exam does not mean it has the same exam content. So, you always need to be updated because PHR exam questions are always changing. Earning your PHR is a verification of your HR competence. This isn’t just a one-time certification but rather a lifelong commitment. Thus, once you get your PHR certification, maximize your skills and utilize your experience to the fullest. Don’t just stick with the certification and make sure to apply what you learn.

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