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Easiest Jobs in the IT Industry

Jobs in the IT industry are plenty because there are so many categories that an IT professional can fit in. Unemployment rates have significantly declined recently and the job market is more lenient towards people seeking jobs. The world today is heavily dependent on technology and employers are bending over backward to attract top IT talent to work for their companies. Those IT professionals with exceptional qualifications find themselves with a variety of job offers that to choose from and it is up to them to pick the job that is right for them. They also have an advantage of negotiating a salary that they are comfortable with.

The current job market is favorable for IT professionals looking to further their careers, employees who lack job satisfaction and want increased salaries, as well as fresh college graduates. The bargaining chip rises depending on the skills an IT professional possesses. If he or she has the skills that are in high demand by employers, she has a better chance of being given a voice and a listening ear.

   Cyber Security Analyst

The growth projections of the cybersecurity field portray an 18 percent growth between 2014 and 2024. Many companies are looking for candidates for this position to ensure their networks and systems are running efficiently and that they can handle any potential threats. Due to the high demand for cybersecurity analysts, the qualifications required for a candidate to have in order to get this job have reduced from a bachelor’s degree to your level of experience and whether you possess the CompTIA Security + certification or any other advanced security credentials in the IT industry. IT professionals may begin at this position earlier in their career or may switch to this position in the middle of their career due to the many certifications that allow IT professionals to advance their careers. If you are applying for this position you can easily get it due to the high demand.

    Data Analyst

Companies and businesses rely on data in everything they do and that is why they value the position of a data analyst. Every decision made by a company comes from analysis of data so this is a very important job. There is high demand for analysts who can work using popular solutions like Hadoop and R to recover information and aid businesses in understanding it. The future of this job still shines brightly since companies will increasingly be reliant on data as a center of all their business operations because companies especially benefit from monitoring everything from their product sales to their Human Resource activities. Currently there are degrees for the option of data science; nevertheless, analysts in companies mostly begin as software developers before moving into the field of data science. The high demand for this job has guaranteed that you do not need many years of experience to get it.

    Computer User Support Specialist

The other jobs mentioned are easier to find because of their complex nature which requires exceptional skills, but this is not the case when it comes to a computer user support specialist or as they are commonly known, tech support. The growth projections for this field portray a 12 percent growth between 2014 and 2024 which is quicker than the general average for all occupations. With the presence of more technology in the everyday business operations of companies, it is important that a company has someone to help employees in case they do not know how to use certain software or have a problem with their computer. This is not high paying IT job compared to the others but it is a great entry-level job for a fresh IT graduate with the possibility of advancing to a better paying job. It is also among the few technical jobs that professionals can land without a bachelor’s degree or any one of the IT certifications. The job is as easy as it is easy to find.

    IT Architect

It may not be possible for you to get this job straight out of school but you can definitely advance your career to get it. Being an IT architect means that you help a business achieve the bigger picture in terms of the infrastructure of its technology, and planning and designing networks for maximum security and efficiency. Two types of architects exist in IT who are either functional or certified. There is also the Open Group certification opportunity for IT professionals who wish to advance to this position alongside advanced networking certificates and the AWS architect certificates that can enable you to get the many architect jobs that exist in the IT job market. Despite the high demand that exists as companies look to fill this position, you will have a better chance of getting this job when you have the proper certifications.

    Software Developer

The job title of a software developer ranks as the second-best technology job beaten by the job title of a systems analyst. This is a job in a very rewarding career field that has a promising and positive job outlook as well as a low entry barrier. As much as companies may need potential candidates for the job to have a bachelor’s degree, programmers can present a portfolio of their work and still be considered for the job. Those candidates who are academically qualified for the job still need to show that their level of experience in terms of the coding languages. The languages that are currently in high demand include Java, JavaScript, SQL, and Python. So if you are an IT professional with coding skills in these languages, you can easily get a job as a software developer.

    Systems Analyst

The job of a systems analyst is the best technology job. A system analyst works to scrutinize existing IT systems in the company to ensure they are working properly and suggest any recommendations for improvement. This analysis identifies how well the hardware and software together with the overall IT systems in the company work for the business and its clients and come up with recommendations for better system performance. They also help implement the recommendations and train users as well as monitor the effectiveness of the system. Employers require a bachelor’s degree in this field as well as your ability to demonstrate the skills you have. Companies have a high demand for systems analysts due to the critical nature of the jobs they undertake for their businesses. Therefore, you will easily get a job as a systems analyst.

    Network Engineer

This is a job that focuses on the company network and involves developing, administering, maintaining, and upgrading local area networks, wide area networks and communication systems of the company. Other responsibilities of network engineers include data storage, security and disaster recovery strategies. This is one of the specialized IT jobs that you can get to by advancing your certifications together with a telecoms degree or a degree related to computer science. Companies look for network engineers to ensure there communication systems and networks are functioning properly in order for them to run their businesses without a glitch. This job pays well and you can easily get it if you have the necessary qualifications.

    Technical Consultant

This is a similar job to that of an IT consultant. You provide technical advice and expertise for the company’s clients and design and implement IT systems for them as well. Technical consultants are involved in company IT projects beginning from the pitching stage of the contract to refining specifications together with the IT client team. They are also involved in developing the system, managing a part of the project or the entire project and writing the code. This is an important position in the company as it represents the services of the company to potential clients. It is, therefore, a job on high demand and you can get if you have a technical degree but it is not always necessary.

    Web Designer

This job title is different from that of a web developer since web designers come up with the design of web pages or websites while web developers work to make those designs a reality. However, there is a possibility of a crossover between the roles. Companies that specialize in web design have a high demand for web designers in order to maintain and improve their client base. This is a job that pays well and that you can make a living out of. Potential employers will require you to have a degree in digital media design or a related subject. Regardless of your academic qualifications, you need to present a portfolio of your work so that they can gauge your skills. You can therefore easily get this job if you have these qualifications.

Final Thoughts

After graduating college, the next step that is expected of you is your ability to get a job, which means that you will start seeking employment. You can get the jobs listed above at both an entry level and an advanced level and it is up to you to pick the career path that is right for you.

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