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CERTIFICATION: CCNA Security (Cisco Certified Network Associate Security)

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CCNA Security Certification Facts

Cisco CCNA Security (Cisco Certified Network Associate Security) is an associate-level credential that validates the skills and knowledge needed to secure Cisco networks. The professionals with this certification can demonstrate the skills and expertise required to recognize vulnerabilities and threats to networks, develop security infrastructure, and mitigate various security threats. The focus of the CCNA Security certificate includes security technologies, installation, monitoring, and troubleshooting network devices to maintain confidentiality, availability and integrity of devices and data, and proficiency in technologies that Cisco utilizes in the structure of its security.

The evolution of the role of network security professionals and their relevance to the information industry has not gone unnoticed by Cisco and this is why the organization is consistently developing its certification content to fit into development and changes in the industry. The speed of network security evolution is high and it requires more hands-on and practical skills. The network professionals in the IT world understand the discipline of great network security, compliance and practices, and products that are mandated by the government and industry. There is a need to protect organizations from highly sophisticated threats and the Cisco network security engineers with the CCNA Security certificate have been equipped for the task.

To earn the CCNA Security certification, the professional must be able to design, configure, and support responsibilities as a device specialist, a technical consultant, or a security expert. These professionals usually take up job roles as network security administrators, experts, and engineers using the latest devices, appliances, and equipment of Cisco. This credential also lays a good foundation for job roles like a network security technician, a network security support engineer, and an administrator. Those who are pursuing this Cisco certification are equipped with the knowledge and skills required for securing devices and information through the use of the latest Cisco security software and hardware solutions.

Before writing the CCNA Security (210-260) certification exam, the students must fulfill the prerequisites of one to three years working experience in the networking field. They also should have the valid CCENT credential.

The certification is valid for a period of three years under which the candidates are expected to utilize their baseline security skills and knowledge to test, deploy, configure, troubleshoot, and maintain Cisco network security solutions while establishing the security posture for the network.

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Gito Diwa
Mar 02, 2020
Just a few days to my exam, I decide to go in for the Cisco CCNA security practice test and it went well. It’s so nice that even those who begin their study almost the last minute can still make it. The dumps are quite useful
United Kingdom
Feb 25, 2020
What Cisco Security certifications are available? Am considering registering for a security exam and have no idea which ones are there
Feb 16, 2020
My CCNA security certification is here at last. Thanks prepaway for providing a sure way to pass exams
Feb 09, 2020
The best practice tests so far for the 210-260 exam.
South Africa
Jan 30, 2020
I need simulators and also study materials to help me revise for my CCNA Security lab.
Otty Utah
Jan 23, 2020
100% valid dumps. I will always come here for dumps for my exams. I’ve just registered for CCNP after passing CCNA and I will get my study guide from prepaway. Thanks!
Chopra Munir
South Africa
Jan 15, 2020
I was so anxious when writing my CCNA security exam, and I think it almost made me fail. It’s good I had come across most of the questions in the dumps. I’m thinking that’s what actually helped me pass.
New Zealand
Jan 07, 2020
@Mudassir, get the security exam topics in PDF. For practice test, you can download here. I find it quite reliable.
South Africa
Dec 31, 2019
I need to get the CCNA Security syllabus and also practice test. Help, please.
Dec 20, 2019
@Chidi, CCNA Security is an associate-level exam. It actually stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate.
Dec 14, 2019
Is Cisco CCNA Security an expert-level exam?

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