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PK0-004: CompTIA  Project+ Training Course
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PK0-004: CompTIA Project+

PDFs and exam guides are not so efficient, right? Prepare for your CompTIA examination with our training course. The PK0-004 course contains a complete batch of videos that will provide you with profound and thorough knowledge related to CompTIA certification exam. Pass the CompTIA PK0-004 test with flying colors.
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Curriculum For This Course

Preparing to pass the Project+ Exam
Time 00:20:00
All About Projects
Time 01:02:00
Creating the Project Scope
Time 01:00:00
Managing the Project Schedule
Time 01:38:00
Managing the Project Costs
Time 00:47:00
Managing the Project Quality
Time 00:42:00
Managing the Project Human Resources
Time 00:35:00
Managing the Project Communications
Time 00:29:00
Managing the Project Risks
Time 00:57:00
Managing the Project Procurement
Time 01:08:00
Managing the Project Stakeholders
Time 00:17:00
Managing the Project Integration
Time 00:41:00

About This Course

Co-ordinating and managing business related projects can be such a hectic experience. However, CompTIA has introduced a revolutionary course on project management designed to equip you with knowledge and practical skills on running of successful projects. This training has brought about a sigh of relief to project team leaders, members, and employers who need guidance on how to approach project management at a professional level. The CompTIA PK0-004 course is targeted at helping you gain skills, as well as pass the relevant certification exam in order to obtain the CompTIA Project+ credential.


This course takes you through project management principles and how to apply them to help businesses succeed. The topics include fundamentals of project management, how to manage resources, as well as develop schedules and projects. Other ones are about how to manage project communications and any risks, project procurements, change management, and performance. The other important thing about this course is the fact that it prepares you to understand and apply the Agile methodology in managing projects. Agile implies the use of software methods and processes that are iterative and are focused on adopting a quick unpredictive response to any kind of feedback that you receive on your project. The aim is to ensure that desired results are achieved rapidly and with minimal wastage of resources.

The course content is delivered through a series of videos that cover the topics and concepts in detail. The video tutorials are designed to give you convenience and flexibility. This way, you can study at your own pace, convenient time and place. Besides the video lectures, you will also have a chance to download notes, practice tests, and quizzes that are part of your exam preparation. Practicing what you learn is a sure way to understand and remember concepts for a long time. You will also discover your weak areas so that you can work on them.

Course objectives
  • Setting up and initiating projects
  • Summarizing project properties, schedules, phases, responsibilities, and roles
  • Understanding of cost controls and identifying aspects of the agile methodology at the basic level
  • Predicting the impact of a number of constraints and their possible influences throughout a project period
  • Understanding risk strategies and their importance
  • Understanding relevant and useful communication methods that have influence
  • Using change control-based processes within a project
  • Understanding various tools of project management, analysing projects and partner-centric documentation
Exam details
  • Type of questions: multiple choice, drag and drop
  • Number of questions: Up to 95
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Passing score: 710/900
  • Languages: English and Japanese
  • Certification validity: Lifetime
Exam topics
  • Project Basics
  • Project Constraints
  • Communication & Change Management
  • Project Tools & Documentation
Target audience
  • Candidates preparing for the CompTIA PK0-004 exam
  • Project management professionals
  • Project team leaders
  • Software engineers
  • Project testing teams

This video course is packed with high-quality content and delivered by experienced instructors. The intention of this training is to make you a validated expert in project management. This tutorial will help you become an expert who can lead teams or part of a team that focuses on successful project delivery. Taking this course is the right step towards passing the CompTIA PK0-004 exam and earning the CompTIA Project+ certification.

Job titles:
  • Project coordinator
  • Project director
  • Project manager
  • Project team leader
  • Business analyst
  • Project team member

This Project+ credential connects you to jobs that attract average annual salaries of about $76,279.

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Student Feedback

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Christopher K.
South Africa
Jun 12, 2022
The course has great content and practice test. The topics are covered so well. I like how they are broken down into simple and easy to digest bits. You won’t need rocket science to decipher what this course is all about. This is definitely a must take course for anyone wishing to pass the CompTIA PK0-004 exam. Thanks!!!
Jun 02, 2022
As a project team leader in my organization, I am definitely at home with this course. I never knew there was another way of approaching execution of projects other than what I had learnt at university. I like this new approach. The course is very relevant and covers all the areas in detail.
May 24, 2022
A great course packed with a real project management content. It is based on a totally new approach. Thanks. I know better now.
United States
May 16, 2022
My boss asked me to find a course on project management, and I stumbled upon this. I registered and started right away. So far, I have no regrets at all. Thanks a lot for such a wonderful course!
May 09, 2022
It’s a nice video course. The instructor is good and explains all the topics and course requirements well. In fact, this course even goes ahead to share tips on how to study and pass this exam. With this, I know I will pass my exam successfully. I hope to get very high grades.
May 03, 2022
This is an awesome way to prepare for my PK0-004 exam. You can’t find this kind of course content anywhere else!
Apr 23, 2022
Best course! Highly recommended!
New Zealand
Apr 18, 2022
Nice training with great video quality and helpful practice test. I’m good to go.
Apr 09, 2022
Nice course, though you can improve on the visuals a little. But generally, it’s a good course that is worth every penny that you spend on it.
Mar 31, 2022
I love this course and I just can’t stop thinking how lucky I was in discovering it. I have no regrets. I would urge anyone who has their exams around the corner to try. There’s nothing that goes wrong anywhere with this kind of course whatsoever.
Mar 21, 2022
This is my second day on this video course and it’s all smooth. A great introduction of the basics!

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