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CERTIFICATION: CCSE R80 (Check Point Security Expert R80)

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CCSE R80 Certification Facts

The Six Sigma methodology has become increasingly popular, it is a quality management system, and there are many organizations worldwide that have started to use it. This means that these companies need a Sig Sigma expert on site at all times. This is where the Six Sigma certifications come in, there are a lot of people who try to earn one of these credentials just because of the benefits they possess.

The Six Sigma Green Belt certification is an entry-level credential and every candidate needs to first earn this certificate before moving on. Anyone who is Green Belt certified is capable of leading a project team, as well as analyzing and solving problems. It assists the students to enhance their expertise in subject matter that will lead to increased desirability by high salary perspectives. The specialists who are reliable to improve outputs, contribute to enhanced results, and control costs are the main candidates for the Green Belt credential. There are some main requirements that should be considered if you want to pursue this Six Sigma certificate. To obtain the certification, one should have experience in supply chain or business management. The candidate should also have 3-4 years of a full-time employment experience. Those who have a part-time working experience can’t pursue the certificate. Moreover, the applicants should also meet one of the following requirements, such as analytical and logical mind, leadership skills, perseverance, and passion for improvement.

The Six Sigma Green Belt exam is exactly 4 hours long and during this period of time, the students need to answer 110 questions. This open-book test is completely based on multiple-choice questions. Time management is key during this exam because if anyone wastes even a single minute, then it can cost him/her heavily. The popular method that people use to approach this certification test is to first answer the questions they are 100% sure of. From there the students can work their way up to the rest of the questions. There is no point in wasting time on a question that you cannot answer, so just move on. When you are taking the exam, then you need to make sure that you keep one eye on the clock.

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